September 11th, I will never forget.


I was getting ready for class. At the time my brother and I shared an apartment in college. I was on my regular morning routine, half sleep, going through the motions. I turned on the news and then went to get my ironing board out. When I came back into the living room I didn’t bother to look at the tv. I could tell there was a big story on but I really was not paying attention. My brother came out of his room and said “good morning”. He then walked pass the tv and stopped dead in his tracks. He spun around and yelled at me “WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE ME UP??!!!”. I was stunned, I didn’t know what he was talking about? I said “what? I don’t even know what’s on?”. He turned up the volume on the tv and that’s when I saw the first tower was on fire.
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing? I didn’t understand? I wanted someone to tell me it was a cruel joke. We sat there and watched as the towers went down in tears. You see, my brother was just living in New York only month prior to this. He walked past the towers on his way to work every single day. The horror on his face was more than I can put into words. I never want to see that look on his face again.
I now take a moment every year to not only remember what happened but also say a prayer for those who lost their lives to terrorism. Say a prayer for their loved ones that are still here. Pray for a future where terrorism no longer exists. Amen.

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