She So Fine Hair Co.

phootoProcrastination is bad, so I won’t do it again…time to get this blog POPPIN! LOL

So I have been wearing in the deep wave texture for about 4 weeks now.

Once again I’ve been fortunate to work with a very professional and nice company.  This hair is so much fun to look at and it’s durable…yes, durable. LOL! The strands in this hair are very thick and strong.  The tracks are not that long BUT they have a lot of hair on them so no stingy tracks here!

I think that overall the hair is nice but this texture is not one that I would wear on a regular basis, just when I need a fun change of pace.  I’m having a great time with a different look but the texture requires too much work to look nice for my busy schedule.  Ladies, please consider the amount of work you have to put into making hair look great when purchasing.  In order for the waves/curls to be defined, I have to wet the hair pretty much every day with a water/leave in conditioner combination. The hair is almost dry by the time I get to work but still.

The hair also gets really poofy when I straighten it out and wear it for more than one day. That’s a bad thing when you want to wear it straight but a good thing when you want big wavy/curly hair.

Another thing I noticed about the hair is that it’s wavy until you get the ends and then it goes curly.  I personally like for the texture to remain the same throughout the hair from root to tips though.

Bottom Line: Any deep wave/curly hair you purchase will require more than a normal effort on your part to keep it looking fab. If you purchase this hair to wear in its natural state all the time, then you will be happy with it. If you are trying to be versatile and/or efficient, this is not the hair for you.

I will have a video coming up soon with live details 🙂

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