About Me

125I don’t want to bore you with a typical rundown of all my accomplishments for a bio resume.  Those sorts of things are great but ultimately tell you nothing about who that person is, only what they have done. Instead, I’ll share some things that you might actually want to know.

People often ask me where the name VirtuousAthena comes from.  Well back in 2006 when I needed a YouTube user name, Virtuous popped in my head first. Virtuous is the name that my sorority sisters (sorors) gave me when I joined Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. (Skee-wee!)  Virtuous is more commonly known as my “line name”.


having or showing high moral standards.

synonyms:  righteous, good, pure,  saintly, angelic, moral, ethical, upright, upstanding,  principled, exemplary

Virtuous is such a common word used for usernames that I needed something to go with it. I’ve always had affection towards Greek mythology and in particular the goddess of war and wisdom, Athena.  Athena is also the goddess of strength, strategy, courage, the arts and crafts and skill.

Put those two together and you pretty much have me, Carissa.  I would consider myself to be a thinker. I ponder on everything, it’s a wonder my brain does not explode some days.  I find the greatest joy in simple pleasures like a great cup of tea or that dewy smell in the morning air. I’m a  geek at heart, so terms like “muggle”, “Klingon” and The Millennium Falcon are normal to me.   I’ve always loved a great story that keeps going and going.  I love a good laugh, most people that are close to me are comedians at heart.

I am from Kansas City, KS, more specifically Wyandotte County.  (Yes, there is a Kansas City, KS. Twin city to Kansas City, MO) “The dotte” is pretty much where the poor people live in the city and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, LOL!  Despite the fact that we came from very humble beginnings, we had rich goals and aspirations instilled in us.  My brother and I were raised by my mother who was a single parent and taught us to have above average expectations in all things. When I say above average I mean that good was not good enough. You had to push yourself to be great at whatever you did.  It was in that foundation that I believe I became interested in learning.  I would master one thing and then move on to the next.  Till one day to my own surprise, I was very good at a lot of things. Fast forward some years and I want to share everything that I have learned with you.

It’s taken me a minute to figure out how to channel all of my creativity into one inclusive effort.  I love fashion, cooking, arts and crafts, traveling, conversation, business, hair, history, music and many other things.  How does one go about doing ALL of that? Well you get yourself a YouTube channel and a blog and the rest is history. LOL!

I’m currently engaged to a man that pushes me to reach my fullest potential. He is my #1 supporter and I love him very much for that.  Ken, thank you and I’m counting down the days till our wedding with excitement! Let’s get it!

  1. Awweeee didn’t know you were my Soror! I made myself a note to check out your new blog and now that I’m here, I love it! Good job!

    xoxo Kay

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